Principle (TBC)

A school campus is thrown into chaos when a new principal establishes a host of new rules, causing fall-out with staff and students alike.

Soon after she starts her job, a new principal establishes a host of new rules, upsetting her staff and her students. Gossip swirls that the new principal and vice principal are at loggerheads, poisoning the atmosphere.

An accident involving a student leads to the popular vice principal's transfer. This angers the students, who demand that the authorities officially explain the circumstances and administer justice.

A campus crisis is about to explode. Exams are looming, yet a student movement is about to unfold. How should the principal, vice principal, teachers, school board, student council and students handle the crisis?

Will they accept the truth they strive to uncover?

With English subtitles.

Global Stage on Screen is a new season bringing 10 selected stage works from Asia to cinemas in the UK. The programme includes classics well-known to western audiences presented with an Eastern interpretation, alongside original stories drawn from the rich and vibrant Chinese artistic culture.

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