Writing in Water (TBC)

An idealistic young man returns to Hong Kong to launch a "Happyology" programme but becomes disheartened with his business partner who is only interested in profit.

The story follows the extraordinary journey of He Shi. He comes back to Hong Kong after his studies in the UK to start the "Happyology" programme, hoping that he can introduce a richer spiritual fulfilment to the people's minds. However, he feels discouraged by his business partner Xiao Xiao and her boyfriend Wei, who have their mind set solely on profit.

He Shi comes across a mysterious little girl when he’s about to inherit an old beach house from his late mother. Together with the little girl, He Shi embarks on a spiritual journey which enables him to experience life on an unimaginable level.

With English subtitles.

Global Stage on Screen is a new season bringing 10 selected stage works from Asia to cinemas in the UK. The programme includes classics well-known to western audiences presented with an Eastern interpretation, alongside original stories drawn from the rich and vibrant Chinese artistic culture.

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