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The British Silent Film Festival returns from September 11th to 15th. Friday's programme features a mix of British and German classics, including The City of Song (Farewell to Love) and the epic The Struggle for the Matterhorn.

Friday kicks off with The City of Song (Farewell to Love) starring Jan Kiepuri, followed by some British silent rarities from the Archive Agency, including the comedies: A Merry Night, The Nervous Curate and The Curate’s Double. This will be followed by two British films Silver Linings, a Cain and Abel fable and Tons of Money, a forgotten comedy classic.

Then we have two rarely seen classics Spring Awakening/Frühlingserwachen from Germany, exploring 1920s Berlin life and ending the evening with the epic The Struggle for the Matterhorn/Der Kampf ums Matterhorn (pictured) depicting the historical battle between climbers Anton Carrel and Edward Whymper as they attempt to conquer the Matterhorn in the 1860s.

This year will be the 20th iteration of the British Silent Film Festival and it celebrates the centenary of the birth of Wiemar and Expressionist cinema in Germany and its global influence between 1919 and 1932, particularly on British cinema.

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