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The British Silent Film Festival returns from September 11th to 15th. Thursday's programme includes comedy classic The Oyster Princess, WWI film Comradeship and the rarely seen Swedish film Song of the Scarlett Flower.

A fantastic programme of rarely seen films beginning with an illustrated presentation on the British Pioneer Alf Collins, followed by some early sound films, a screening of the  delightful comedy classic from 1919, The Oyster Princess/Die Austernprinzessin, Maurice Elvey’s WW1 film Comradeship (1919), the rarely seen Swedish film by Marice Stiller, Song of the Scarlett Flower /Sången om den Eldröda Blomman (pictured) and ending with the wonderful Alley Cat (Hans Steinhoff, UK/Germany,  1929).

This year will be the 20th iteration of the British Silent Film Festival and it celebrates the centenary of the birth of Wiemar and Expressionist cinema in Germany and its global influence between 1919 and 1932, particularly on British cinema.

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