Buena Vista Social Club (U)

★★★★ – Empire. Ry Cooder, long-time friend of Wim Wenders, brings together a host of renowned Cuban musicians to record an album and perform together in this Oscar-nominated documentary.

★★★★ – Empire

Ry Cooder is a musical butterfly, known for his collaborations and projects with musicians around the world, embracing the traditional sounds and rhythms of each culture. In Buena Vista Social Club, his dream of bringing the Danzón legends of Cuba out of retirement comes alive.

Many of the musicians featured in this Oscar nominated documentary are well into their 80’s and beyond, yet the passion and spirit that pours into their music is vivacious, young and free. For Cooder too, their energy seems to inspire him and he revels in the artistry and talent of these musical masters.

Wenders’ striking visual style captures the spirit of Havana, with glittering cinematography and direction that nods to Cuba’s rich and diverse history. A moving and uplifting piece about the power of music and its undeniable ability to connect people across cultures.

Screening as part of our Wim Wenders mini-season.

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