Fire of Love (PG)

Sara Dosa's thrilling new film takes the daredevil documentary genre to new heights, chronicling the lives of French volcanologists Maurice and Katie Krafft, through their own awe-inspiring footage taken among billowing smoke and trickling molten rock.

"★★★★★ – romantic portrait of passionate, doomed volcanologists" – Guardian

"A spellbinding experience" – Variety

"the greatest lava-fueled love story ever told" – Rolling Stone

★★★★ – Time Out

Fascinating volcanologists Maurice and Katia Krafft took their research to extremes, often getting feet away from the flow of lava spewing from active volcanoes which ultimately led to their death. Revered in their field, the Krafft’s research and their ardent commitment to it has shaped our understanding of active volcanoes the world over.

At its heart, Fire of Love is indeed a love story, two individuals consumed by their passion and each other. Seeking thrills in the name of scientific enquiry side by side, having grown up little more than 25 miles away from each other, the Kraffts met at the University of Strasbourg and soon married, what followed was 25 years of obsession and dedication.

A touching ode to the natural world, love and the combination that brought two fearless souls together. Sara Dosa directs this thrilling documentary with equal parts spectacle and tenderness.

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