Everything Everywhere All At Once (15)

★★★★★ – Evening Standard. The outrageous multi-verse masterpiece returns due to popular demand. Evelyn is exhausted. Wife, Mother, business owner and at the mercy of the IRS for filing her taxes late, in the midst of it all she gets sucked into a multi-verse.

"★★★★★ – Easily one of the best comedies of the year" – Evening Standard

"★★★★★ – Everything Everywhere All At Once is everything cinema was invented for" – Empire

"★★★★★ – The best multiverse movie ever" – Den of Geek

"An instant classic" – IndieWire

★★★★★ – Independent

★★★★★ – Little White Lies

A24 presents an outrageously weird and wonderful sci-fi action comedy, which in equal parts has audiences moved to laughter and tears. Directors Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert turned down a Marvel project to create their own multiverse movie, and have excelled themselves.

Delightful and refreshing, the sincerity and heart of the characters set this film apart from anything like it. The boundaries of science fiction are blurred and pushed into the realm of absurdity, centred by Michelle Yeoh’s (Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Crazy Rich Asians) portrayal of a Mother who just wants to connect with her daughter and make her family happy.

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