The Lorax - Great Big Green Month (U)

A powerful story by Dr. Seuss which highlights the dangers of deforestation and the importance of nature to us all. Screening as part of Leicester City Council's Great Big Green Month.

"a sweet and enjoyable concoction" – Radio Times

12-year old Ted lives in Thneedville, a walled city where all plants and foliage are artificial. In order to impress his crush, Audrey, he sets out to seek something to truly take her breath away, something nobody else has – a real tree. He goes to his wise grandmother for advice and she tells him of the ‘Once-ler’, a legendary figure who knows what happened to the trees.

As he goes out on his search, he discovers the land outside Thneedville is an arid, polluted wilderness, and upon meeting the Once-ler learns of the Truffula trees that once grew there, and the mystical Lorax who protected them. Ted, armed with his new knowledge, returns home and against all odds tries to make a change for good…

There will be a short intro from the Sustainable Schools Leicester team prior to this screening.

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Friday 27 May 20223:50pm Book Now