Virtual Film Camp 12-15 (12-15)

Learn the fundamentals of filmmaking in just one week at our five-day virtual Film Camp for 12-15 year olds.Suitable for both beginners and those with previous experience.

Our annual summer Film Camp is moving online this year, and while the format will be changing, our brilliant tutor Keith Allott will still be covering all the key elements of filmmaking and production through a set of daily meet-ups, tutorials and tasks that can be completed at home.  

At the beginning of each day we’ll meet online as a group, and your task for that day will be explained. It might be looking at camera-work, performance, audio design, editing, special effects or scriptwriting. Throughout the day we’ll meet regularly to talk, share ideas and see what everyone has made. Each task will be designed to be entertaining and educational in equal measure, reflecting a range of film genres, from sci-fi to comedy.

The course will emphasise the importance of working together with others when making films, and each participant’s perspective will be considered – if you prefer being behind the camera for example, we’ll make sure that’s what you do.

It has also been designed to provide a place where you can express your creativity, meet friends, have an opportunity to share and talk about what you make, and – most importantly – have fun!

At the end of the week we’ll have created a series of mini-films that will be collected together and shared online for your family and friends to enjoy.

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