Film School: Part 2 (18)

Make a film in just four weekly sessions, with our new course that follows on from Film School. A fantastic opportunity for you to put your newly-acquired skills into practice.

Award-winning filmmaker and director Keith Allott (Badshoes Film) leads this new course – an extension to our annual Film School. Over the course of four weeks you’ll make a film from scratch, putting into practice all your newly-acquired skills and techniques.

Course Breakdown:

Week 1: Story and Roles

Two actors, one location, two pages of script. What story can you tell within these parameters? We'll select a storyline from all the suggestions and crew up by defining all the different roles on the production – from director to camera op, sound to runner.

Week 2: Script, Rehearsal and Shot List

The final script will be available to all the group and the shot list will be created. The two actors will come in to rehearse with the group too.

Week 3: Production

We take all the skills we've learned over the course and all the planning we have made over the previous two weeks and use it to produce our first short film. The shoot will be monitored and supervised but you are in charge of how it runs.

Week 4: Post-Production

It's time to edit, add music, colour grade, audio design. The footage from the previous week will be uploaded and you can have a go at cutting it in preparation for this week's workshop. We’ll screen all the films you have made and go through an edit of the final film with the course leader.

Note: This course is open to all, not just people who have previously completed Film School, though some knowledge of filmmaking is advantageous.

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